Tips for Camping with your Dog

Camping is an incredible experience, and if you're a loving pet owner, you won’t leave behind your pet dog while going on a camping trip. Your four legged-friend is probably going to be more excited for the chance to play outdoors and own the ground completely! Camping with dogs is an adventure you will want to rekindle throughout your life.

If you're planning to go camping along with your dog for the first time, there are a few things to note. Even though we have a pet-friendly Australia, your dog will have various encounters with environments and situations such as car rides and other animals. We have gathered some basic tips for you to keep in mind when planning a holiday with dogs. Keep reading to know more!

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Packing supplies. When you travel with pets such as dogs, it is essential that you prepare well in advance and check for any additional supplies that your canine friend might need, including food, safety gear, and even some emergency supplies. Be sure to pack portable water containers and food bowls that your dog can use easily on the go.

HydraTED Pet Water Bottle has a flip-top cap and a fold-out leaf bowl attached specially designed for travelling, hiking, and camping. No extra bowl for extra baggage! Click here to get your stainless steel pet water bottle now. 

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Ensure a safe car ride. It is no doubt that your dog will be jumping up and down during the ride to the campsite, which is potentially dangerous for everyone in the car. A minor distraction can lead to an accident in a blink of an eye. To ensure that your dog is safely seated during the ride, use a durable pet seat belt to restrain the excited four legged-friend.

SeaTED Dog Car Seat Belt is a reflective adjustable bungee nylon belt that supports 360-degree rotation without any tangle. Meaning; your dog won't be uncomfortable at all! Get this car seat belt for your dog now.

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Finding pet friendly camps. There are plenty of dog friendly campsites in Australia just as long as you don't have your heart set on National Parks, which are strictly no go areas for pets. State Forests on the other hand are much more pet friendly and many allow dogs, with rules varying state to state.  Showgrounds are also a good option in many country towns.

Wiki Camps and AirCamp both have filters, where you can search for parks that allow dogs. However keep in mind there are often seasonal restrictions on dogs in caravan parks, so it is best to double check the rules when booking.  

Wiki Camps also has a search function for local points of interest and local facilities which is great for checking options for pet friendly stops and points of interest along the way.

Kuranda Billabong with Dog

Keep your dog around and safe. If you're heading on a day's trek, you would never abandon your dog at the campground alone, whether fastened to a pole/tree or confined to the tent or car. It could expose your dog to potential threats. For example, there could be a wildlife encounter, or the weather could change, or any other unanticipated events could occur while you are away.  

Get educated about 1080 and ensure you know where 1080 bait is being used.  If you find yourself passing through an area where 1080 has been used it would be wise to look into purchasing a muzzle for your dog so they can’t ingest poison bait.

You can never be too careful, it can be used without warning and it’s frightening. The bait is used to control wild animals (rabbits / foxes / wild dogs / feral pigs /cats etc) that cause issues for farmers or disrupt native animals. The tasteless poison is put into meat balls to make it appealing to animals.

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Sleep together at night. Due to the possibility of wildlife wandering the area at night, it is better that your dog sleeps with you inside the tent. He will be safe and perhaps peaceful if he’s with you. Sleeping gear such as the ResTED Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy make the process more comfortable. Elevated off the ground, and easy to put together it can act as a sturdy indoor dog bed. With the canopy, its durable oxford fabric will keep your best friend cool and dry whilst providing shade from the sun!

Get your Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy now, they come in two sizes Medium and Large.

ResTED Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy

Enjoy your time together. All in all, the most important thing is to take this time out and enjoy each other's company. Savour this quality time because your furry best friend surely will!

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