Our story behind Split Peas

I'm Suzy, my husband is Jason and we have 3 primary school aged children, a spoodle Ted and ragdoll cat Cruz.  We live in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland.

In June 2019 my husband and I packed up our home and set off on a lap of Australia. Caravanning Australia full time with kids and Ted (dog).

Taking the plunge was equal parts scary and exciting and it’s been the best thing we have ever done. We would recommend it to anyone!  Read more about our caravanning adventures here.

Our decision to pack up and leave was initially driven by my husband, who had a strong realisation that he was heading down a path of work, work, work – it had consumed his everything and was affecting our family.  We were living in the  Melbourne at the time.  

We are grateful we decided to take this break from the daily grind. To enjoy life, travel and truely connect as a family. Once we made the decision, we discovered a whole community of like-minded people who exist. Other travel families living their best life, on their terms, travelling Australia. 

We travelled for 16 months and covered some ground. Yet we feel we haven’t really scratched the surface of what Australia has to offer. We ticked places and experiences off our Australian bucket list, yet we most love stumbling upon places we don’t yet know exist. All without stepping foot in an airport. Hooray! 

We originally planned to wrap up our trip and get back to city living and corporate life, but we didn’t expect to come back to a pandemic! We also didn’t expect a gap year would change our hopes and dreams for the future.  We have steered away from living a fast paced city lifestyle to a simple, more relaxed balanced lifestyle.

We dreamt up Split Peas during our travels and I've been working on this little venture to have a crack at doing it for ourselves, to build the life we want.

We source products that we love and use, practical items for your home, lifestyle, travel and pet.  Items that add convenience and a little luxury to the everyday.

In October 2020 we launched our first two products, our best selling Luxury Bath Pillow and our Silicone Ice Cube Molds Block & Balls

Next we launched our first pet product, HydraTED a stainless steel pet water bottle with built in water bowl.  We have since added a beautiful Kitchen Utensil set, bamboo Bath CaddySuper Suckers reusable drinking straws, SeaTED pet car seatbelt, Microwave popcorn maker and House moving organised packing tape set.

We are excited for the future and look forward to building a brand with products that you love!

Read more about our travels!



  • Hi Suzy, I just ordered a packing product, we love your story, & an Aussie business :-) We are local Nth Qld, & my daughter had to start her own products through necessity, you can read her story below. We would love a local supplier, people always asking us for Cairns area 🥰 wishing you much success -

    Carole King
  • Congratulations on Split Peas, beautiful products.
    However I do miss following your travels.
    Good luck with your venture xx

    Keryn McCluskey
  • Congratulations on Split Peas, beautiful products.
    However I do miss following your travels.
    Good luck with your venture xx

    Keryn McCluskey
  • Ha! Good to see you guys doing whatever you can to stay ahead. I wish you had something I needed to buy!!!

    Keep ’em coming.


    Tony Nesci (aka 'Antonio Macaronio)
  • Epic guys! We are keen to support this new venture of yours!

    I think our kids will be at the same school next year too!


    Tate and Lara

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