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Moving houses is one of the most tiresome experiences you might face in life. It is also something almost everyone goes through at least once. When it comes to moving, accomplishment hinges on avoiding common blunders and strategising to make the process go as efficiently as possible.

When you plan to move, among the most time-consuming and patience-testing jobs is packing all of your stuff and concluding it in time for the moving truck to arrive. To help you pack efficiently, we have gathered some packing tips and advice to make your move less stressful.

Start Packing in Advance

The time required to pack all of your belongings is determined mainly by their quantity. You should begin the procedure sooner than most people believe. It is likely that you know the time around which you will move, so you can assess how much you will need to pack each day.  If you pack two boxes every day, a month should be plenty for a big house. Similarly, fifteen days should be enough for smaller households. Of course, there isn't a precise figure, but you get the idea.

Make Inventory Lists

If you have an extensive library of books, CDs, trinkets, or other items, these are incredibly useful. It's okay if the tags on your packing boxes just read 'Books'.  We suggest typing out thorough inventory listings if you have a specialised library of books that is not contained in a single room. In this manner, you can upload the data to your phone while printing and sticking copies to each box.

Colour Coded Packing Tape

Use Correct Box Sizes

Pack heavy items such as books and appliances in small boxes while moving. Similarly, light items, such as towels, sheets, and pillows, can be packed in larger boxes. Heavy items in large boxes have a higher risk of breaking or getting damaged. 

Don’t Leave Empty Space in the Box

Clothes, towels, or packing paper can be used to stuff in the gaps in the boxes. Loose or carelessly packed boxes are frequently refused by movers. The items inside may also clatter with each other and be subject to breakage.

Label Each Box

Using a marker, jot down the name of each box's room next to the inventory list. If you write on the sides of the boxes rather than the top, it will be simpler to identify them if they are piled. It's also a good idea to assign each room a specific colour.

Tape the Box Well

Secure the bottom and top flaps with a couple of strips of packing tape, then tape a couple of wraps around the box's top and bottom edges, where tension is maximum.

Packing has now been made easy with Split Peas House Moving and Storage Organisation Set.  It provides organised colour coded packing tape for you to label clearly and effortlessly unload your boxes room by room. Packing tape rolls are also printed with tick boxes along with space for numbering. It is convenient, time-saving and gives you everything you need for easy organisation!

Packing Tape for House Moving


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