Bathroom Styling Tips

When it comes to styling the entire house, we often overlook the bathroom. Whereas it's the multifunctional space where we get ready, go to get some alone time, rinse off the day; basically, it's one of the most utilised spots in the house. So make sure you don't forget decorating it in your next interior styling sessions.

Keep it basic since functionality should always come first, but adding a few of these style ideas will give you an ideal space to retreat to.

Interior Style Consideration

A home should have a consistent theme running throughout. The interior style should be harmonious in each space, including the bathroom.

Keep within the boundaries of the existing space's interior design and architecture. However, you may add one or two unorthodox elements to your style for the right blend of a fiesta in the design.

Bathroom styling

Vanity Arrangement

To suit up the vanity or wall area, choose items that match the interior style. Some good suggestions are to add a tray firstly! Duh. Using a tray or trivet as a foundation can quickly make objects look like they belong to the space. Include some natural components, such as a bristle brush, a tiny plant, or flowers, and experiment with item height and size, such as mixing taller and shorter pieces.

You might as well use the ‘odd number rule’ here. For a balanced arrangement, put an odd number of accessories on a tray. It appears more appealing to the eye.


Pay Attention to the Bathtub

Bathtubs usually are the most space consuming utility in the bathroom. You want to make sure they give off just the perfect vibe.

If you have a bathtub, consider adding a bath tray to it. Not only it is appealing to look at, but it could also help you get into the habit of taking frequent baths, which is a wonderful self-care routine. Apart from elevating your mood, jumping in a hot bath does provide you with other benefits too, find out what they are here.

What you put on top is entirely up to you; maybe you'd like to keep it simple with just an indoor small plant or a scented candle? Or you can also stock it with everything you'll need for your next bath, including bath salts, body brushes, a tiny towel, and also a good book. Check out this Bamboo Bath Tub Caddy Tray from Split Peas that expands to adjust to most baths!

Another great option to add to your bathtub aesthetics is a luxurious bath pillow such as this one from Split Peas. This best selling bath pillow will surely make your bathtub a star of the entire bathroom look.

Bath tub caddy and bath pillow

Add a Stool

If you don’t have a tub, you can consider styling a small stool in a well-lit corner. It immediately enhances the minimalism of a bathroom with a touch of elegance. Some items you can arrange on the stool are body products, brushes, small towels, candles, etc.

Bright Towels

Towels can elevate your bathroom styling to another level if you approach them like art. To brighten up your decor with no fuss, use towels in a bold colour scheme or a striking print, such as beautiful spring flowers.

Indoor Plants

Any part of the house is incomplete without nature’s greenery complementing the look. Placing a large planter next to the bathing or shower space, hanging a small planter by the window, or even adding some greens to your vanity will definitely be a win!

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